mass object (2019)

1. capsule
2. vectors
3. contour mapping
4. mass object
5. spectrum burst
6. orbital decay

bonus (purchase extras)

7. spectrum burst (debug)


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extra info

Purchase of the album on Bandcamp will grant access to the bonus track: "spectrum burst (debug)" - it is longer than the version presented on the album.

This track is also available as a seperate purchase. Please note that they are identical and purchase of Mass Object already grants acces to it through the unlocked bonus downbload.

   " cmd ... pwr ... set ... #buffer_overrun ... standby ... mssobj"
release notes

                        ^ FUNCTION: CAPSULE
                        ^ INPUT: ELEV
                        ^ OUTPUT: 426
                        ^ CALLS: INITREC
C010    A0  AA  F1      CMD     PWR         #SET$CAPS
C011    A0              SET     INIT        #DEPLOY_$DATA
C013    A0  BE          LOAD    GET_POS     #CAPS_CMD
C014    BE              SCAN    FEEDBACK    #GENE_WILLIAMS

                        ^ FUNCTION: VECTORS 
                        ^ INPUT: CAPS_TELE
                        ^ OUTPUT: LOG_ATN
                        ^ CALLS: CAPS_TRJ
C020    A0  D1          CMD     PWR_VECT
C022    C1  A0  IM      ART     SCAN_ORB    #IAN_MQQUE
C023    A0  BE          EXE     TRNS_VECT   #VECT_REPORT_$DATE
C0AE    BE              WRT     TRNS_VECT   #MASS_LOG

                        ^ FUNCTION: CONTOUR_MAPPING
                        ^ INPUT: CAPS_DATA
                        ^ OUTPUT: 3.14159
                        ^ CALLS: INIT_LOAD
C032    A0              LOAD    TRNS_VECT   #ARRAY_$MAP
C038    A0              SCAN    DATA        #ARRAY_LOG

                        ^ FUNCTION: MASS_OBJECT 
                        ^ INPUT: CNTR_MAP   
                        ^ OUTPUT: VECTORFIELD
                        ^ CALLS: DRAW_CONSOLE
C042    A0              LOAD    TRNS_VECT   #ARRAY_$MAP
C044    A2  FF          SET     ARRAY_$MAP      
C048    A0              SCAN    DATA        #ARRAY_LOG

                        ^ FUNCTION: SPECTRUM_BURST
                        ^ INPUT: UNKNOWN
                        ^ OUTPUT: BURST
                        ^ CALLS: REC_CAP$OVERFLOW
C050    D1  E0          REQ     COMPUTE
C051    A0  D1          PRIO    OVERRIDE
C052    A0  BE          WRT     RECSTART    #SCANREPORT_$DATE
C057    BE              PRIO    EXTREME     #LOG$DISABLE_REPORTING

                        ^ FUNCTION: ORBITAL DECAY 
                        ^ INPUT: CO%$P*#TED 
                        ^ OUTPUT: DIV-0
                        ^ CALLS: DIV-0
C060    FF  FF  FF      C#D     SC$*
C061    FF  F1          @#T     IN^%IT
C062    A0  FF          EXE     L**_ATN     #CORRUPTED_FILE_ERROR
C067    BE              WRT     EMPTY       #EMPTY_FILE

C1FD    00              END

Artwork by Ian McQue
Sequencing assistance Peter van Cooten
Creative assistance Gene Williams