album releases

mass object (2019)
onontgonnen (2017)
Wasteland Signals (2016)
Nocturne (2015)
tauern (2015)
los (2011)
koude handen (2010)
maalbeek (2008)
niemandsland (2006)
three (2003)
electronic forest (2002)
molenstraat (2001)
grijsgebied (2001)
the tone t(h)ree (2000)

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   "... florianz's work is completely unrushed and slowly and deliberately unfolds and expands at just the right pace ... "

Matthew Florianz, born in the 1970's to a Dutch Mother and Austrian Father, is an explorer of ambient environmental soundscapes. His music evokes an outdoor feel, his album shifting between a state of illusive imagination and existent images.

Matthew's first musical experiments began in 1994, shared only with a small audience of friends and relatives. On the subject of releasing such earlier works : "... most of it was practice; finding style, tone and even the right notes, it was really rather derivative of the music I liked back then a necessary learning to find out what kind of music (if any) I could write ...".

Albums such as *.wav or Shapes Rooms Environments where collections of unrelated tracks and experiments mostly and never released.

Sprook (1999) was the first album composed, to work as an integral experience. It was released on emergent on-line services and attracted the attention of composers Darren Scott and Gene Williams. The three met in person at an evening of ambient music performances in the Dutch town of Utrecht where Gene and Matthew played a 45 minute set with Darren providing sound reinforcement and mixing.

Afterwards Darren presented his intentions to start a record label and approached Matthew asking to release Sprook. Instead an entirely new work was chosen and in 2001, GrijsGebied was the first release on the new founded non-profit label: h/s recordings.
Gene Williams, in whom Matthew found a peer and mentor; mastered and contributed to the album and has since been a frequent collaborator. He releases music using the pseudonym Mindspawn. Darren Scott released several other of Florianz's albums on h/s recordings while sharing his own music using the pseudonym Ganzfeld.

GrijsGebied (2001) was a success and reviewed as "... a classic ..." and "... masterpiece of contemporary ambient ...". It received air time on the prestigious BBC Radio 3 program, Late Junction. GrijsGebied helped the non-profit labelh/s recordings to invest in more Florianz releases while also attracting and sharing the music of new talent. Royalties of all releases where always invested back in the label towards financing new albums.

Five Florianz albums and three collaborative efforts have been released on h/s recordings. Molenstraat (2001), which was recorded in one take with good friend Erik t' Sas was a best seller while GrijsGebied re-printed in 2003. Frequent musical collaborators include Tatiana Brainerd, Bill Brisette, Stan Linders, Joris de Man, Erik t' Sas, Ivo Selder, Oscar Stegehuis, Darren Scott and Gene Williams. The label has since been disbanded with future releases stepping away from physical media.

In 2005, Matthew's background helped greatly in acquiring the role of audio lead on The Chronicles of Spellborn, a computer video game released in 2009. Matthew wrote over twelve hours of music and ambiences for the game, which was lauded for its achievements in art and sound, provoking an "... evocative twilight feel ... "

Matthew has since worked on several more games, including the award winning iPhone game Star Defense, which features atmospheric ambiences for the game's beautifully designed planetoids. The audio is mentioned specifically: "... adds atmosphere and tension ..." and one review prints "... the orchestral arrangements are the best I have heard in an iPhone game ..." In 2012 he left The Netherlands for the UK to work on the Playstation Vita game Tearaway. This was followed by a senior sound design job working on the successor of the classic game Elite called Elite: Dangerous and a lead sound design position on Planet Coaster in 2015.

Koude Handen released in 2010 marked the departure from releasing on physical media and Los (2011) was recorded specifically with an online release in mind. It is the first album since The Tone T(h)ree (2000) that does not include any environment recordings.

"... Though this is 100% electronic music, Matthew Florianz's music always has a close relation to nature, conjuring landscapes that could be real as well as one from your dreams ..."

In 2015 he re-released the 2008 album Tauern in a revised edition, dropping some of the rhythm elements and replacing the last track entirely. In the same year he also contributed music to a series of short documentaries about Science's unsolved mysteries, the music, written specifically for each episode, is released as a download album called Nocturne.

Wasteland Signals (2016) is the first new full length album release to follow those "... windswept ..." ambiences of Los (2011). It is an abstraction of the proposition that in order to move on, one has to let go.

onontgonnen (2017) - English: uncharted, unexplored, remains. In translating; those English words point towards the correct meaning, but don't convey the shape, repetition or sounds of the Dutch letters.

Meaning, shape, repetition, sounds ... important factors in my music, artwork and titles.

onontgonnen forms a pattern of letters which can be rearranged freely; ingredients for different interpretations.

onontgonnen also describes the amount of environment sampling used; more so than on any release since "niemandsland" (2006).

It is all a bit of a play on words really, which too fits the intuitive nature of my explorations in music.

discography & downloads

1996 unreleased
morphine for the mind

1996 unreleased
dark message

1997 unreleased
shapes rooms environments

1998 unreleased

1999 unreleased

1999 unreleased

1999 unreleased
sprook ep

1999 compact disc
the tone t(h)ree

2000 live performance
time to live

2000 cdr, download
improvisaties op d
with erik t' Sas

2000 compilation

2000 compilation
the sowing

2001 compact disc
featuring tatiana brainerd, stan linders, erik t' Sas, gene williams

2001 ltd. edition release
with bonus data and audio cdr

2001 open air concert
improvisaties in z
with erik t' Sas

2001 3* cdr
with bill brisette, stan linders, ivo selder

2001 compact disc
with erik t' Sas

2002 compact disc
electronic forest
with tatiana brainerd, joris de man, erik t' Sas

2002 ltd. edition cdr
electronic forest
with bonus cdr

2003 compilation
half-life reworked
re-mix of darren scotts half-life

2003 compact disc
featuring tatiana brainerd, gene williams

2003 ltd. edition release
with bonus cdr of album self

2006 cd
featuring oscar stegehuis

2006 ltd. edition release
with bonus cdr jaren and bonus cdr compilation of older works

2006 Bandcamp
mixed and edited by darren scott

2008 cd, download

2008 ltd. edition release
with bonus cdr album drie