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Wasteland Signals (2016)

released March 3, 2016

   "...there's beautiful remoteness and serenity found in the narrative, slow morphing and silencing textural landscapes as they dwell onward into the distance, leaving behind pleasant pulsations, melancholy and wonder..."

release notes

Wasteland Signals begins in 2011 while living in the Dutch city of The Hague. The result is a reflection on change, about letting go to move onwards. Like most of my work, a sense of melancholia, loss and regret shines through. though .perhaps a little less so in the music of Wasteland Signals.

Change uproots emotions and exposes those layers that shield emotions from becoming overwhelming. It is a mirror that presents a distorted image at first glance. Creative expression is an attempt to reach beyond those layers and find root in memories of childhood. With age comes the comforting realisation that change doesn't necessarily leads down a stagnant path, where comfort lies only in the familiarity of dark surroundings and growth is halted.

Loss, regret and melancholia are emotions which look back and make one feel old and unchanging, while optimism is a catalyst for knowledge and growth. The past and present circle the now: Is the sun rising above the Wasteland, or will it settle into it?

Life's questions are seldom so binary and answers are interesting where they reflect a personal journey. My answer to change is that I have to live through it and write music. In those efforts and all their abstractions, I hope you will find enough space for imagination to wander off and create a personal story of your own.

Bert Strollenberg
Sonic Immersion

"Wasteland Signals" is a nine-track/low-volume ambient environment soundscape that addresses introspective spaces and is a perfect for headphone listening.

The overall lush and gliding outcome, in development since 2012, takes the listener to a far-off place and inner core where organic along ethereal elements float around to expansive delight. There's beautiful remoteness and serenity found in the narrative, slow morphing and silencing textural landscapes as they dwell onward into the distance, leaving behind pleasant pulsations, melancholy and wonder. The surreal sonic alchemy surfacing occasionally reminded me of the highly imaginary/multi-media work of Wave World.

To perceive the aural dimensions and the albums overall immersive impact, focused listening and various spins in a quiet, non-distractive environment is essential. Mr Florianz has simply delivered another ambient gem, ideal to break away from the turmoil in nowadays world.

Purchase of "Wasteland Signals" comes with 30+ minutes of extra music and high quality 48khz/24bit sourced downloads in various formats.

Peter van Cooten

"... Florianz has a personal sound, a musical style that is somewhat different from most other artists - or at least from those mentioned above. With its lush use of synth-pads, it could perhaps be described as somewhat more 'classical ambient'. The atmospheric background soundscapes, the kind that could've been written for a game soundtrack, are never far away. But perhaps most significant is that - in spite of its title - this album conveys hope, a sense of light that overcomes darkness ..."

Rinchen Choesang

This is yet another fabulous release from Matthew, definitely one of the greatest ambient artists of all time. I am only up to track 9, but this pre-order was well worth waiting for. Richly organic and earthy, while expansive and spacious at the same time - a joyous ecstasy for the heart, and a cerebral excursion for the mind. Life affirming and immersive ambient. Highly recommended! Favourite track: in warm sand.

Gene Williams

I've had a couple listens through and wow, simply wow.. Really brilliant work, Matthew, excellent movement, depth, spot on production (of course) and an incredible journey, start to finish.. There's so much deft subtlety, as each space folds down, or into the next. Tempting little audio Will-o'-the-wisps to follow, leading you into the aural bogland where one finds that this is not where I thought I was. but it's quite incredible.. Your patience is perfect, tantalizing but not too reserved, ushering ever forward while sometimes watching backwards, or maybe one moves backward while looking forward. = )

Jay Waddington

"... I have been a big fan of Matthew's work for a number of years and have looked forward to each release, waiting to be transported to some far off soundscape painted with many emotions. This new album does not disappoint. Its deeper and more miles to the audio journey than I could hope for. I reckon his best yet ..."

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