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Zon Der Tijd Ver Gaat (2020)

soundtrack for a summer in lock down

release info
released November 6, 2020

   "... a beautiful and emotionally moving album ... "

release notes

"zon der tijd ver gaat" (loosely translates as "with-out-time-far-gone") - A collection of nineteen sketches that chronicle the passing of spring, summer and fall in 2021.
The sketches (over 2 hours of music) were created in a regular rhythm of one every week. Some are the recordings of programmed instruments while others are performed live, others as a layering, one after another. As the weeks passed the recordings capture the changing of mood. One was posted every week on you tube, with the audio track posted on here and replacing the last.

In presenting the full collage here, the recordings have been slightly re-arranged, re-imagined and re-mastered. In the description of each track, a link to the original sketch can be found here. All originals recordings are only available to those that downloaded them each week or in this you tube playlist - sequenced by date of release.

Working on these was an escape and a release of tension, which I hope comes across. Although sometimes gloomy and featuring darker moments, the sequencing here groups the moods together more.

visual media

Zon Der Tijd Ver Gaat - Playlist
watch on youtube

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